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Crochetière Pétrin cuts costs by 75% with Genatec's IT services

Client: Crochetière Pétrin

Year: 2024

Crochetière Pétrin

"The technicians are competent, patient, and attentive. They always follow up and make sure to respond adequately to our needs and concerns. With Genatec, I feel safe, I don't need to worry about our IT structure."

- Acil Souheil, Operations Coordinator, Crochetière Pétrin

Our Client

Established in 1981 by visionaries Serge Crochetière and Jean-Luc Pétrin, the law firm Crochetière Pétrin has emerged as a cornerstone in the construction and real estate sectors. The firm distinguishes itself for delivering customized, superior-quality legal services at competitive rates. Its philosophy revolves around forging solid client partnerships. By adeptly navigating challenges and fostering mutual success, Crochetière Pétrin has become an essential ally within the legal industry.

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At the heart of Crochetière Pétrin's concerns was the imperative need for an IT service provider capable of quickly addressing their technological needs, crucial for maintaining the integrity of their legal operations. They sought strategic IT consulting to upgrade their IT infrastructure and select IT secure acquisitions, emphasizing compliance with top security standards. Their goal was to enhance operations and protect sensitive legal data and client information.

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Our Approach

In addressing Crochetière Pétrin's intricate IT challenges, Genatec leveraged its expertise in IT outsourcing to conduct comprehensive audits, identify and rectify specific vulnerabilities within their IT framework. Our proactive and tailored solutions fulfilled their distinct requirements, showcasing our dedication to IT management excellence and innovation. This strategy solidified Crochetière Pétrin's complete trust in our expertise.

Our Solutions

  • IT Infrastructure

Genatec introduced comprehensive Managed IT Services, focusing on top-notch IT infrastructure management. This service encompassed precise on-site configuration to align every device with our high operational standards, supplemented by extensive remote monitoring. Our 24/7 oversight of the entire IT infrastructure, including servers and network devices, assures unwavering operational continuity and efficiency.

  • IT Security

Security was also a top priority aspect of our strategy. Given the frequency of data breaches in the legal sector, safeguarding sensitive client information is crucial. With our dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) leading the charge, we maintained constant monitoring to protect against emerging threats. This approach was vital in managing server and network security. We implemented proactive measures to protect the firm's digital assets and maintain compliance with legal industry standards.

  • IT Support and Maintenance

Genatec delivered steady IT support, offering unlimited remote assistance within business hours and proactive IT infrastructure management. Despite facing challenges such as incomplete documentation and needing after-hours equipment resets, our seamless transition process minimized disruptions. Our collaborative engagement with Crochetière Pétrin fostered a vital partnership, optimizing their operations and maintenance routines.

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In collaboration with Crochetière Pétrin, our bespoke IT solutions seamlessly aligned with their operational demands, manifesting in unmatched client satisfaction and significant enhancements in productivity. This alliance demonstrated substantial financial savings and showcased the profound impact of strategic collaborations on immediate expenses and long-term investment returns.

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Productivity Gain


Cost Savings


Time Savings




Continued Partnership

The alliance between Genatec and Crochetière Pétrin represents the pivotal role of tailored Managed IT Services in propelling business success. Our IT outsourcing strategy fulfilled Crochetière Pétrin's needs and enhanced their operational efficiency and security through comprehensive IT management and robust support. This narrative vividly illustrates Genatec's steadfast commitment to elevating our customers' success through innovation and strategic collaboration.

  • What sets Genatec apart in providing IT solutions for legal firms like Crochetière Pétrin?
    Genatec stands out by performing thorough audits to identify and address the specific IT challenges faced by legal firms, particularly those handling confidential data and client contracts. Our strategy extends beyond offering mere solutions; it's about pioneering IT service management to deliver strategies tailored to the unique needs of the legal sector. Law firms like Crochetière Pétrin receive solutions that exceed their expectations and entrust us with safeguarding their most sensitive digital assets, reinforcing our role as a trusted partner in managing the critical IT infrastructure required for their legal operations.
  • How does Genatec safeguard the IT environments of legal firms like Crochetière Pétrin?
    Security is the cornerstone of Genatec's services, especially for legal firms dealing with sensitive client information. Our specialized Security Operations Center (SOC) operates tirelessly, offering continuous monitoring to preempt potential security breaches. In legal practices, where the confidentiality of contracts and client data is critical, we implement a rigorous server and network security approach. By proactively defending against the latest digital threats, we ensure our legal clients' IT infrastructure is secure and impenetrable, maintaining the integrity and trust essential to the legal profession.
  • How does Genatec manage seamless IT upgrades for legal firms without interrupting their work?

    Genatec ensures IT upgrades for legal firms run smoothly, a crucial aspect of their continuous operations. Understanding the legal sector's demand for uninterrupted service, our tailored process directly addresses challenges, including urgent documentation and after-hours tasks. Combining 24/7 remote support with proactive IT management and close collaboration, we guarantee enhancements that streamline operations without interrupting legal activities, proving our reliability as a partner. If you seek expert support to secure your operations like Crochetière Pétrin, contact us to explore how our solutions can benefit you.