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Security Commitments

If you have any questions or concerns about our security practices, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to maintaining your trust and providing a secure experience for you.
  • Purpose and Scope

    Genatec Inc. recognizes the importance of an effective security program to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its information assets and reputation from potential threats.

    From time to time, Genatec Inc. may update this policy and implement different levels of security controls for different information assets based on risk and other considerations. This policy is guided by security requirements specific to Genatec Inc., including applicable laws and regulations.

    The core values guide the company commitment, code of conduct, and business ethics, which shape and influence how Genatec Inc. operates. These core values include professionalism, respect for employees, stakeholders, and customers, and a permanent concern for health, safety, Information Security, and the protection of the environment.

  • Core Principles

    Genatec Inc. recognizes that secure operations depend on employee participation, commitment, and accountability. All security activities must adhere to the general principles in the company’s Code of Conduct, Acceptable Use Policy, Information Security Policy, Internal Control Policy, Network Security Policy, and Physical Security Policy and be in line with the Company Mission statement.

  • Policy
    • The security and protection of employees’ and customers’ information are the overriding priority of Genatec’s business activity.

    • Genatec Inc. Security Team and Line Management are continually aware of and responsible for its business activities' security aspects. Security organizations and resources reflect this commitment. (The SOC2 and Cybersecurity Canada certifications are examples of this commitment; Can be added at a later stage once the Certificates are Obtained)

    • Prevention is a priority. Threats analysis and risk evaluation are carried out continuously.
      Preparedness is essential to mitigate incidents rapidly and effectively. Response plans are developed and tested to deal with assessed risks.

    • The professionalism, knowledge, and integrity of staff involved in security matters on behalf of Genatec Inc. are tightly controlled and exemplary.

    • Training and awareness programs are regularly provided to employees and other stakeholders to ensure that they understand their responsibilities to information security.

    • All incidents, including security breaches and irregularities, are reported and recorded. Corrective actions are taken and followed up through regular verifications to improve the overall security standard of the company.

    • Mindful of the need to introduce security measures to protect its employees, personnel, and customers, Genatec Inc. nonetheless makes every effort to minimize the impact of these measures on everyone involved.

    • As far as possible, security procedures and guidelines reflect the seamless integration of security and business activities.
  • Contact Us

    For questions regarding this security statement, please contact us at:
    Genatec Inc. Email:

"Top-notch service, the Genatec team was able to properly assess our needs and implement solutions."

"Top-notch service, the Genatec team was able to properly assess our needs and implement solutions."

"Top-notch service, the Genatec team was able to properly assess our needs and implement solutions."