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O'Sole Mio: Boosting Responsiveness By 100%

Client: O'Sole Mio

Year: 2023

O'Sole Mio

"Partnering with Genatec has been a game-changer for O'Sole Mio. The seamless Wi-Fi infrastructure upgrade and custom software development tailored to our needs has revolutionized our operations. We couldn't be happier with the results and look forward to a long-lasting partnership with the exceptional team at Genatec."

About the client

For 25 years, O'Sole Mio has been inspired by its Italian heritage and has provided its consumers with the finest flavours of Italy. Its objective is to provide fresh, ready-to-eat food derived from high-quality ingredients. Chef Alfredo Napolitano, President of Les Aliments O'Sole Mio, selects all of his ingredients and prepares his recipes without any additives or preservatives, making the company one of the few that offers ready-to-serve dishes prepared exclusively from fresh ingredients.

Two people cooking pasta.


O'Sole Mio faced the challenge of managing a demanding IT infrastructure that lacked official procedure and documentation. They needed a reliable IT partner who could take full responsibility for their IT department, guiding them through technology-related decisions and upgrading their hardware and software systems without disrupting their operations.

Our approach

At Genatec, we believe in transforming businesses by elevating their documentation and procedures. We began our partnership with O'Sole Mio by assuming control of their entire IT department, offering strategic guidance and support in all technology-related decisions. Our team collaborated closely with O'Sole Mio to understand their unique needs and develop a comprehensive plan to upgrade their infrastructure and systems.

Our solution

Initially, our primary goal was to comprehend O'Sole Mio's business processes by carefully observing, analyzing, and documenting their operations to effectively enhance their Wi-Fi infrastructure. 

Last summer, we successfully installed 80 new antennas across their 200,000-square-foot food plant in a seamless operation that did not disrupt any services. Our partnership extends beyond hardware upgrades, as we offer daily user support, ensuring a technician is available on-site every day of the week to assist with any technical needs.

Thanks to our expert guidance and support, O'Sole Mio has experienced significant improvements in their IT infrastructure, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. With a robust and reliable Wi-Fi network, they can now seamlessly manage their operations across the entire plant. Our ongoing collaboration ensures that O'Sole Mio continues to receive top-notch IT support and solutions tailored to their needs.

Two people working on a computer.


After partnering with Genatec, O'Sole Mio experienced significant improvements in their IT infrastructure and processes, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. The Wi-Fi project was initially planned to utilize Meraki equipment, but a one-year delay forced us to reconsider the timeline. Fortunately, we managed to pivot the project towards a more cost-effective alternative without sacrificing efficiency. This strategic shift ultimately saved O'Sole Mio approximately $80,000.

Return on Investment


Increase in Response Rate


Time Saving


One of the most impressive metric results was the 100% increase in responsiveness, achieved through the following areas:

  • IT Support Response Time: Genatec's dedicated IT support team has helped O'Sole Mio increase their IT support response time by an astounding 100%, resulting in immediate resolution of issues and minimal disruption to their operations.
  • Enhanced Communication Channels: Genatec established dedicated communication channels for O'Sole Mio to quickly relay any concerns, inquiries, or technical issues. This streamlined communication process has led to faster issue resolution and increased responsiveness.

What's next?

This coming summer, we'll undertake an ambitious project to revamp O'Sole Mio's core network by replacing over 20 switches across five locations over a single weekend. This complex task involves managing over 25 VLANs and 600 network drops, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional results for O'Sole Mio. Our team is ready to help O'Sole Mio stay ahead in the industry by providing state-of-the-art IT services and support.


  • What services did Genatec provide to O'Sole Mio?

    Genatec provided a range of IT services to O'Sole Mio, including assuming control of their entire IT department, strategic guidance and support for technology-related decisions, Wi-Fi infrastructure upgrades, custom software development and programming, and ongoing IT support.

  • What results did Genatec achieve for O'Sole Mio?

    Genatec achieved several significant results for O'Sole Mio, including:

    1. Cost Savings: Genatec saved O'Sole Mio $80,000 by implementing a cost-effective alternative technology for their Wi-Fi infrastructure upgrade.

    2. Improved Wi-Fi Infrastructure: Genatec successfully installed 80 new antennas across the 200,000-square-foot food plant, enhancing their Wi-Fi network speed and reliability.

    3. Increased Responsiveness: Genatec's services led to a 100% increase in responsiveness through faster IT support response times and improved communication channels.

    4. Ongoing IT Support: Genatec continues to provide daily user support and strategic IT guidance, ensuring a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure for O'Sole Mio.

  • How can Genatec help my business increase its responsiveness?

    Genatec can help your business increase responsiveness by:

    • Providing quick and comprehensive IT support.
    • Customizing software development for optimized workflows.
    • Analyzing and optimizing network infrastructure for peak performance.
    • Giving strategic IT guidance to stay ahead in the industry.
    • Delivering scalable solutions as your business grows.

    Partnering with Genatec ensures increased responsiveness, efficiency, and a competitive edge in your industry. Contact us today to learn more!