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Western Alliance Logistics's Office Technology Relocation with Genatec

Client: Western Alliance Logistics

Year: 2023

Western Alliance Logistics

"They respond exceptionally well to our needs, always open to discussing options and timing. I love their responsiveness to our requests, and we are truly happy with their service."

Pam Hunt, General Manager, Western Alliance Logistics

About the Client

Western Alliance Logistics is a leading third-party logistics provider with an extensive fleet network covering Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Catering to various industries, they stand out for their competitive pricing and unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled service. At the core of Western Alliance's ethos is an understanding of the vital role quality customer service plays. Their focus is on crafting optimized transport solutions and ensuring punctual deliveries, meeting the multifaceted demands of their clientele. 

As they scaled their operations, a new challenge arose: relocating their complex technological infrastructure. With a heavy reliance on their infrastructure for the seamless operations of their vast business, their relocation process needed to be meticulous, ensuring minimal downtime. Recognizing the intricacies of the task at hand, they sought Genatec's expertise, placing their trust in us to ensure that their relocation was executed with precision, safeguarding business continuity.


Western Alliance Logistics's primary concern was the smooth transition of its comprehensive tech setup without significant operational downtimes. The goal was to have the entire setup functional by the start of business on Monday morning. Therefore, the challenge was not only to ensure a flawless transfer but also to guarantee immediate operability upon installation.

Shore crane loading container.
Plane flying out of an industrial port.

Our Approach

Genatec employed a systematic, client-centric strategy to address such a sophisticated project. We mobilized a specialized team of four highly skilled IT technicians under the guidance of a seasoned service manager well-versed in overseeing large-scale transitions. The team was responsible for the physical relocation and ensuring each component was strategically positioned and optimized for immediate use in the new location. Our methodology emphasized constant communication and maintaining transparent channels with the client throughout the process.

Our Solutions

Addressing the move, Genatec flawlessly executed the comprehensive infrastructure relocation, spanning from PCs and servers to mice and docking stations. An additional layer of diligence was introduced by scheduling an extra day post-migration, expressly allocated to address any unforeseen technical difficulties, thus ensuring immediate remediation.

However, our responsive capabilities were tested when an unexpected firewall malfunction occurred. Genatec immediately implemented a temporary firewall solution while initiating the defective unit's RMA process. This tactical move maintained the client's operational integrity and stayed within the strict project timeline. This multi-tiered approach underlines our unyielding commitment to client satisfaction and our capacity to navigate unforeseen complexities.

Four trucks coming out of a warehouse.


In our collaboration with Western Alliance Logistics, the synergy between our tailored solutions and the client's operational objectives was evident. Our approach fostered unparalleled customer satisfaction and optimized productivity and efficiency. Financially, the collaboration underscored the tangible value of strategic partnerships, emphasizing immediate cost benefits and longer-term returns on investment.

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Productivity gain


Time Savings


Cost Savings




Continued Partnership

Our engagement with Western Alliance Logistics isn't confined to this singular migration project. Their trust in our expertise and commitment has evolved into an ongoing partnership. We are now their trusted ally for day-to-day managed service provider support, ensuring their tech stack runs optimally. Furthermore, we've spearheaded an ambitious integration project for their SAGE 300 platform. This deepening relationship stands as a testament to our value proposition and Western Grain Trading's unwavering confidence in our capabilities.

  • Who is Western Alliance Logistics, and what challenges did they face?
    Western Alliance Logistics is a premier third-party logistics provider with a vast fleet network covering Canada, the United States, and Mexico. As they expanded their operations, their main challenge was the meticulous relocation of their intricate technological infrastructure, ensuring minimal operational downtime.
  • Why did Western Alliance Logistics choose Genatec, and what approach was taken?
    Western Alliance sought the specialized expertise of Genatec due to the company's reputation for managing and executing critical transitions. Genatec employed a systematic, client-centric strategy, emphasizing continuous communication and transparency. This involved mobilizing a team of IT specialists supervised by an experienced service manager to handle the move.
  • What were the outcomes of the collaboration, and is the partnership ongoing?
    The partnership resulted in significant customer satisfaction, productivity gains, and considerable time and cost savings for Western Alliance Logistics. Following the project's success, the relationship has evolved into an ongoing engagement, with Genatec providing day-to-day tech support and spearheading an integration project for their SAGE 300 platform.
  • How can Genatec tailor its expertise to address my organization's specific needs?
    Drawing from our experience with clients like Western Alliance Logistics, Genatec adopts a client-centric approach, ensuring seamless transitions and optimal tech infrastructures. Whether you're facing an intricate relocation, need day-to-day tech support, or seek specialized project assistance, our team can deliver solutions that align with your objectives, guaranteeing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.