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Expanding Cellcom, Bell's Largest Dealer

Client: Cellcom

Year: 2022


"As a growing company, we quickly realized that we couldn't rely on an in-house IT team to manage our needs. We needed a team who could keep our systems up and running and help us plan for the future. Genatec assigned an entire team of experts to our account, reduced our IT costs, and provided exceptional service!"

Anthony Sleiman, VP Sales Cellcom

About the client

Cellcom Communications is a Bell vendor specializing in cutting-edge mobile, internet, and TV technology. Thanks to Canada's largest 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi network, customers can stay connected wherever they are. The company has 31 Bell retailers in the greater metropolitan area and a team that serves corporate customers. With its high levels of success in retail and large corporations, the company positioned itself as a versatile partner for Bell


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In 2017, Cellcom built an in-house IT team to manage all IT operations. But they started experiencing network issues which decreased productivity and resource efficiency. The company reached out to us for the first time to perform an evaluation of its IT environment and help improve its in-house IT team. After that, they wanted to give their in-house team a second chance to fix the outlined issues. However, their team couldn't address the problems adequately due to a lack of expertise. The company needed a reliable and highly skilled IT partner to take the burden off of their in-house team and help them scale rapidly. 


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Our approach

To address the challenge, Cellcom replaced their in-house IT team with our part-time employees. We performed a proactive IT consultation to mitigate the problems and plan for the future. Then, we applied changes in their IT environment by building a robust IT infrastructure. We reduced their costs and augmented their uptime. And we covered all operations, including deployment, testing, and monitoring. 

Our solution

We offered Cellcom a comprehensive IT outsourcing package customized according to their business needs and industry requirements. We developed a strategic plan to address their current and future objectives through IT consulting.

We provided the company with around-the-clock IT monitoring to keep an eye on their IT environment and resolve unexpected issues. We also offered them network support to monitor performance, perform upgrades, optimize server capacity, and secure data. In addition, we performed end-user support to provide employees and clients with prompt assistance. Finally, we implemented resilient IT security procedures to keep the business secure. 

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More services

We provided the company with other services related to marketing, including email blasts and website development. We designed a turnkey solution for their website that included all the features that matched their needs. We integrated the website with third-party vendors and improved its SEO and development. These efforts helped them optimize their online visibility and increase their web sales. 


Our efforts resulted in increased uptime, improved productivity, and cost savings for Cellcom. We helped the company become Bell's largest dealer by allowing them to scale rapidly and increase sales. Thanks to our efforts, Cellcom was able to focus on its core business operations and leave the IT burden to us.

  • What is IT outsourcing?

    IT outsourcing is the process of hiring a third-party company to manage all or parts of an organization's IT infrastructure and operations. IT outsourcing can include a wide range of services, including IT consulting, network support, and IT infrastructure management. 

  • What are the benefits of outsourcing IT?

    There are many benefits to outsourcing IT. One advantage is that it can help you save on staffing and overhead costs. Another advantage is that it can help you free up internal resources for other projects. Additionally, IT outsourcing can help you focus on your core business operations and leave the IT burden to your outsourcing partner. Finally, outsourcing IT can help you increase uptime and improve productivity.

  • How can Genatec help me with IT outsourcing?

    When it comes to IT outsourcing, Genatec is your partner for success. We have a team of IT specialists who can help you with all your IT outsourcing needs. We have extensive experience in IT outsourcing and can customize a package of services to match your specific needs. Our team of IT experts can help you with everything from IT consulting to cybersecurity. We have helped over 1,500 companies reduce IT costs by 50%. And we can help you too! Contact us today to learn more about our IT outsourcing services and how they can help you save money.