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UMQ: Meetings, simplified!

Client: UMQ

Year: 2023


"During the pandemic, Genatec helped us all come together by unifying our means of communication. Working from home has never been easier with the new phone integration on MS Teams. It has helped us be more flexible, stay connected and achieve our goals efficiently."

Esther Berryman, Coordinator - Finance and Operations Branch, UMQ

About the client

UMQ has represented municipalities of various sizes in all regions of Quebec. Its mission is to provide national leadership for effective and autonomous local government and promote the fundamental role of elected municipal officials. The UMQ team works hard to represent the interests of its members to governments, offer a growing range of services and business privileges, and ensure that its members are well-informed and educated on important matters. 

A woman talking in an online meeting.


Amid the pandemic, UMQ needed to adapt to new ways of communication to be more flexible. With employees working from the office and others working from home, the company had to standardize communication and collaboration platforms on different devices and for different people. They needed a quick and efficient solution that would help them increase productivity despite the challenges related to the pandemic.

A woman participating in an online meeting.
A man working on his laptop.

Our solution

UMQ initially used a standard version of MS Teams that needed to be adapted to their needs and goals. So, we offered the organization a more unified communication solution using MS Teams by integrating a phone system. We conducted a cloud deployment of the platform and attached a phone portion. We provided training sessions to educate employees on the new phone system feature and its benefits. We also conducted weekly IT checkups and support calls to address user requests and fix problems. 

A man talking on the phone in his office.


UMQ's transition to MS Teams with phone integration has been an overwhelming success. We are proud to have worked with them on this project and provided them with the necessary solutions for effective communication and collaboration. Our team's dedication and commitment have helped UMQ achieve excellent customer satisfaction and productivity results. 
After the training, employees became experts in MS Teams, which made communication fast and efficient. In addition, the company repurposed the staff, including the receptionist, who received fewer calls and could handle more administrative tasks. Our team was available to respond to all employee requests. They were happy to know that they could always count on us. We helped them find a better work-life balance. Employees now work twice a week in the office and three times a week at home. 

Customer satisfaction


Increase in productivity