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Adonis Group: Expanding Canada’s biggest Mediterranean store

Client: Adonis

Year: 2023


"The turnkey solution provided by the experts at Genatec supported our quick expansion. The architecture allowed us to efficiently integrate new stores, grow our team, and develop our business."

Roland Khoury, Financial Controller - Adonis Group
A woman at the grocery store.

About the client

Adonis Group has multiple supermarkets in Canada that are influenced by Middle Eastern, Lebanese, and Mediterranean cultures. The stores display a large variety of products from around the world that continually satisfies customers' needs. The company's core mission is to explore international markets to identify original and unique products and new and exotic flavours and introduce them to Canada. 


In 2008, Adonis originally had five stores and only one IT specialist overseeing all operations. However, they started expanding nationwide and needed a reliable IT partner that would successfully help them achieve their new goals. They contacted us at the beginning of their journey to help them deploy a strategic plan for their national expansion.

Vegetable shelves in a grocery store.
An employee doing inventory control in a warehouse.

Our approach

We analyzed the company's IT infrastructure to evaluate its operations closely and help them future-proof their business. Then, we showed them the different solutions available in Sage 300 and demonstrated our approach to test the compatibility of the solutions with the current systems. Finally, we deployed three customized solutions for the company: item management systems, operational and financial systems, and a production program. 

A family of three at the grocery store.

Our solutions

Items management systems

We designed consolidation tools to help the company manage its growing stores. We created items from a single program and pushed them to all the stores. We also created specific values for each item to export to the POS system and align the store operations with the back-end IT operations. And to optimize their item management systems, we added a feature to push mass pricing. That way, employees could upload a file in the database with all prices, and they would automatically show up on the items afterward. 

Operational and financial systems

When Adonis Group partnered up with Metro in 2011, it was becoming complicated to maintain the same operational and financial procedures in the store. So, we performed a business consolidation to reduce redundancy and inaccuracy. For example, we designed worksheets for inventory and a promotion system where the company could build up their promotions and easily export them to SMS. We also used the Extender add-on on Sage 300, which allowed the company to customize its weekly promotions and apply special prices. We helped their employees minimize their workload with custom tools in ways they didn't have to replicate operations anymore and could focus on other tasks. Regarding the financial systems, we created a tool to read data from the store to the consolidated company to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

Production program

Since every store has different products, needs, and requirements, we created a custom acquisition program that uses Sage 300 to identify the right quantities to produce. This program helped the company be more productive and use its resources efficiently.  

We helped Adonis increase productivity in different ways. The company used to dedicate 2 minutes to create a single item, yet now it can generate 20 items in less than that amount of time. Similarly, adjusting 1000 products' prices would take 33 hours before, but with this new system, they can accomplish the same task within an hour. 

Customer Satisfaction


Increase in Operational Efficiency


Increase in Productivity


Return On Investment


What's next?

Adonis Group is migrating from Sage 300 to a monolith solution that better serves the company's needs and future objectives. We are applying the changes one store at a time to ensure all data and information are migrating safely and efficiently with little to no disruption to their current operations. 

  • What are the benefits of using Sage 300 in my business?
    Sage 300 offers a range of benefits, including increased efficiency and cost savings. It can help streamline operations and reduce errors, increasing productivity and saving time. Additionally, it allows for customizations that fit your particular business needs. Finally, it provides comprehensive financial reporting capabilities to help you make informed decisions. 
  • How did Genatec help Adonis Group increase productivity using Sage 300?
    We implemented customized solutions for Adonis Group, including item management systems, operational and financial systems, and a production program. As a result of these changes, the company experienced a 96% increase in productivity.
  • How can Genatec help my business implement Sage 300?

    Genatec can help your business implement Sage 300 by assessing your IT environment and providing customized solutions to test the compatibility of the solutions with current systems. We then provide training and support during the deployment, so you can be sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. Our experts can also help you customize the Sage 300 features and add-ons to meet your business needs better. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help.