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The Bowling Experts™ meet the IT Experts

Client: Buffa Bowling

Year: 2022

Buffa Bowling

"Clients expect the software to be live and running in a week. But you got to trust the IT team. It's a process. It's not going to take a week. It's going to take a year. Maybe more. So having consultants hold your hand during the process is very comforting."

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About the client

Buffa Bowling is a Canadian bowling wholesaler with the largest selection of equipment and accessories. Its mission is to provide excellent products and services in the bowling industry while upholding exceptional customer service to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Their operations are mainly B2B and range from selling products online and in-store to maintaining bowling alleys for private homes and public centres.


In 2017, providing a great customer experience for Buffa Bowling clients was becoming an obstacle to business growth. The company had four full-time employees using legacy systems to enter all their customers' orders manually. They had a complex pricing matrix with various loyalty tiers and discounts. It made manual operations even more time-consuming and error-prone. Therefore, it has become challenging for the company to deliver excellent customer service. They needed an IT partner to help them scale rapidly and become leaders in the bowling industry.
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Our approach

We offered Buffa Bowling on-site IT consulting services and developed a strategic analysis over several days to evaluate their operations and document their needs. We also performed an IT audit that would help them plan and predict their costs, prepare for disaster recovery, and future-proof their business. Then, we showed them our different options and demonstrated our approach to assessing their IT requirements thoroughly. Finally, we deployed the entire network infrastructure for the company.

The company had unique needs and wanted to stay in touch with the IT environment. So, we offered them a hybrid solution that helped them augment their in-house team. In this approach, our IT services and solutions would complement their in-house IT operations by filling in the gaps and improving their areas of weakness.

"This project with Genatec allowed us to focus on growing our customer base and building our business. We know we can scale the business further without adding more staff, thanks to the efficiencies the software provides."

Our solution

We developed a tailored ERP package using SAGE 300cloud to expand Buffa Bowling's web store capabilities, improve shipping, and integrate payment processing. Our solution offered an e-commerce platform that handled online transactions and in-store POS systems. In addition, our ERP package always ensured the upgrade of new features, controls, and applications for more efficient integration and automation.

Our SAGE 300cloud solution provided the company with process automation and efficient workflow that streamlined their order handling, integrated payment processing, and optimized their workforce.

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What's next?

Our next project with the company is to improve its B2C operations. The goal is to develop a customer-centric strategy to build stronger customer relationships. We will also keep optimizing and streamlining their current and future operations using upgraded automation and integration processes.

The growth of Buffa Bowling has been spectacular. The company used to make 50 shipments per day, but now they are making around 120. They also repurposed their staff and increased productivity by 43%. In 2016 there weren't any online sales (only physical), yet in 2022 these numbers grew by 35%.

Increase in web sales


Increase in productivity


Increase in operations efficiency


  • What is an ERP?
    An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a software application that integrates and automates various business processes of an organization. It helps manage and streamline the flow of information between different departments and functions within the organization. An ERP system typically consists of modules for accounting, finance, human resources, inventory management, manufacturing, order processing, procurement, and project management.
  • What is SAGE 300cloud?
    SAGE 300cloud is a comprehensive ERP solution that can help businesses automate and streamline their operations. It offers a wide range of features and functionality that can be customized to suit the specific needs of an organization. Additionally, SAGE 300cloud comes with built-in intelligence and analytics that can help businesses make better decisions and improve their overall performance.
  • What are the benefits of using SAGE 300cloud?
    SAGE 300cloud can help businesses save time and money by automating various business processes. Additionally, it can help businesses improve their decision-making capabilities, optimize their operations, and better manage their resources. Overall, SAGE 300cloud can help businesses increase their efficiency and productivity.
  • How can Genatec help my business implement SAGE 300cloud?
    As any business knows, deploying a new ERP system is a big undertaking. There are many moving parts, and it's essential to have an IT partner who can help you every step. That's where we come in. Our full-service package for Sage 300 deployments covers every area, from evaluation and configuration to integration and long-term strategy. We'll ensure your system is running correctly and you have a plan for future success. Claim your free audit today to get the most out of your Sage 300 deployment.